TeenzClap is the brain child of a 13 year old girl and a 9 years old boy, with inputs from hundreds of teenagers. Instituted as an OPC - Private limited company, this initiative is a result of more than 12 months of research. Being with teenagers, we created what makes sense for them.

Based in Pune, the company aspires to be the best place for teenagers to : Entertain. Educate. Evolve We are special because of our core values and belonging to what and how you are. The elements of inspiring trust and having a sense of giving would make you a person of compassion and creativity.

Pranav is a promoter and a fan of TeenzClap. A Grade IV student of Sanskriti School, Pune, he is also extremely passionate about Rubik's Cubing, and has participated in two championships organised by World Cubing Association. Playing the drums gives him happiness and he is also doing activities which help him to learn coding, hence, becoming a software coder. As a pre-teen, he motivates teenagers to follow their passion and to fulfill theirs dreams.

Sapna, founder and visionary of TeenzClap is a grade VIII student of Sanskriti School, Pune, deriving energy from writing, singing and playing the keyboard. She is a certificate holder of Trinity School of Music, London. Being the chief evangelist of TeenzEvents, she also handles the company's Instragram presence, @teenzclap. She blogs regularly and her stories , poems have been published in various magazines. She also has an account on Instagram @tell.me.a.tale where she posts short stories and quotes which hold the sense of originality.

Teenagers accumulate books, sports equipment and indoor games over a period of time. These items are long forgotten and soon with little to use over a period of time. TeenzTrade simply ensures you are able to get access to millions of such items in the closets of other teenagers – exchange with them on ownership basis. Here you can also donate the belongings and give it back to society.

Teenagers are the most creative design and time thinkers of today. Their need of having a forum of same aged, like minded people. We provide a secure and confiding avenue of reviews, write-ups and blogs on TeenzForum. Here you can launch a chapter/book authored by you, blog and review about what you feel like.

How about attending a “Teenz only” event? Or creating one of your own – Do It YourSelf cooking events where you make and serve to friends. Maybe, come together for Rubik’s Cube Cognitive Skills learning sessions, choreographing songs, buddies together in marathons, visiting people with disabilities, writing and directing a play: anything and everything of the events you wish for , are available on TeenzEvents.

Would you like to be rewarded for your association with TeenzClap and celebrate loyalty? Why Not? So here is TeenzStore where you will be redeeming all the points you earn on TeenzTrade. There is relevant and swanky merchandise waiting for you. The points can also be redeemed for exchange of books, sport equipment and indoor games.