Rubik Cube

Age group:7-19 years

Start Date:2017-05-02   End Date:2017-05-06

Time: 9:30 - 11:30 am

Organize by TeenzClap

Venue details:

Vidyasagar, Ideal Colony, Kothrud


Contextual memory is a key element in the cognitive process, which is essential for the development of an efficient memory. Contextual Memory is the conscious recall of the source and circumstances of a specific memory.Contextual memory is important because it favors the learning and recovery of information.

Solving Rubik Cube :

1. Involves deciding what move to make , apply most appropriate formula and making a move simultaneously at a time.

2. Improves one’s focus as it is sort of challenge always to get the cube solved in least amount of time possible thus teaching what  formula/move is irrelevant and doesn’t lead to a solution.

3. Makes both Left and Right Hemispheres work simultaneously, Right Hemisphere guiding Left Hand and Left Hemisphere guiding the Right hand about the move to be made what the brain has evaluated using the required formula stored in it for that particular condition of a cube.

4. Natural Six bright colors of all Rubix cube helps in Spatial perception

Sessions are held every week for 8 weeks. End of the module you will be able to solve the Rubik Cube

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