Rubik Cube and Sudoku

Age group:7 yrs - 100 yrs

Start Date:2017-09-03   End Date:2017-11-05

Time:10 :00 am - 11:30 am

Organize by TeenzClap

Venue details:

C M International School, SKP Campus

Balewadi, Pune


Join us for a unique workshop on Cognitive Skill building through Rubik Cube and Sudoku.

Why Rubik :

  • Cognitive and Space Dimension Concepts Development
  • Enhances concentration, focus and motor skills
  • Evolves personality , decision making and disciplinary habits
  • Nurtures Competitive Spirit
  • 43 Million Quintillion possibilities of solutions
  • 400 Million Rubik Cubes already sold World Wide
  • World Cubing Tournaments becoming popular in India

Why Sudoku :

  • Excellent tool for Critical Thinking Skills
  • Builds confidence to complete challenging tasks
  • Develops logical thinking and patterns
  • Improves patience and concentration
  • A passion you can pursue lifelong

What will you learn :

i) 2*2*2 Cube

ii) 3*3*3 cube

iii) Pyraminx

iv) Sudoku

Contact 92208 16474 for more details

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