Adriot and Ace

Age group:Principals and Hods

Start Date:2017-10-07   End Date:2017-10-07

Time:10:30 am - 5:30 pm

Organize by TeenzClap

Venue details:

C M International School



The Cognitive Skills Development offers an accelerated and parallel engagement for students to become intellectually gifted. The stream emphasizes on development of higher level cognitive skills for students within the age group of 7 – 18 years. The elements that are expected to be imbibed through such engagement are

  • Problem solving
  • Logic and creativity
  • Forward Thinking
  • Situational Adaptability
  • Structured Thoughts Management
  • Descriptive and Predictive Analytics
  • Spatial and Motor Skills Acumen

This conclave will be discussing about the constructive implications and challenges of:

  1. Resonance with K-12 Academia: Knowledge and Awareness of Cognitive Skills development at institutes
  2. Creating a Point of Differentiation: Behavioural and cognitive aspects of students’ experiences in classrooms
  3. Encumbrance to Change: Need for schools to facilitate application of knowledge in creative and productive ways
  4. Global Practices: Indian Context of Tools for creating intellect

Proposed Participants

  1. Panels for 50-60 School Principals as audience
  2. Confirmed Speakers: Purdue University/IIT Madras, Tata Class Edge, Zee Education, Oxford University/IIT Delhi
  3. Providers of cognitive skills development programs : companies with IIM-A, IIM-C, DCE and Corporate Backgrounds

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