Litrathon - Scribblers' Tales

Age group:10 - 18 years

Start Date:2017-11-29   End Date:2017-12-31

Time:To be Announced

Organize by TeenzClap

Venue details:

Pune - To be Announced


How do I apply to the Litrathon ? You must be between 10-18 years of age, students are required to send their application to be considred for a two days workshop at Pune with renowned international authors, before being eligible for the Litrathon. Completed applications must be returned within 24 hours of getting the application form. If your application is accepted and you choose to participate in the Super200 workshop, the top 100 amongst you will be offered a place at the Litrathon


What are you looking for in the application? We want your best reading/writing experience and an evidence of your commitment to the cause.. By best, we mean reading based learning or writing work that best represents your strengths and interests. We are looking for young participants who are passionate readers, writers. Evaluations from our application assessors will play a crucial role in your getting invited for the workshop. If you think your past performance may not reflect your abilities, you may explain that in the accompanying note.


What happens in the workshop?We look at authoring in innovative ways, and its impact on ability to bring out the most creative pieces of work. The workshop will give a chance for 200 selected participants to  work with international experts from the world of books & creative industries.  The two days of workshop will cover:


Potential to engage, emote and educate
Ability to build stories into daily conversations
Assessing literary potential

How to discover story ideas
Figuring out the target audience
Format and structures of writing
Creating a balance between ideology and readers interest
Misconceptions and fallacies

Designing a storyboard
Impact of technology on authorship and writing
Enhancing interactivity
Making your landscape global

Genres of writing- What’s your calling
Writing for various media- book, film, TV, online narration etc
From Idea to Conclusions

Pre-requisites for participants

A 200 words note on why are you doing what you are doing
Bringing the idea of what you would like to build
A rough storyboard
Laptop or a notebook to write into


What’s the schedule of Litrathon?Litrathon will happen a few weeks after the workshop.100 participants from the workshop will be invited to attend the Litrathon. The invitees will be provided the date. Each participant will have to create a Book Title, Table of Content and 1500-2000 words story as a chapter of their work. They will be given 24 hours to do that, in a room where all arrangements of creative writing will be made including food, snacks, lunch and dinner.


What if I don’t get in? Getting rejected is an initiation into the writing life and you can always apply to the next edition of Litrathon expected to happen in other cities. Writers get rejected all the time and usually get published after8-9 years of their work . However here we are trying to reduce the time to market and recognition.


I want to work on a literary magazine or a story for a short movie. How do I do that? The workshop will address all types of potential genres and objectives of writing. And the Litrathon will be no exception. This is the benefit to get a chance to be mentored by internationally renowned authors.


What happens post the Litrathon?The top two writers will be mentored for 3 months to get their book written. This co-authored book will get published. The top 50 selected stories of participants will be published in a separate book.


How can I buy the winners’ books that will get published?Once the date of launch of the books is announced, you can pre-book a copy. We will let you know the schedule and costs of the same.


If my child wins then how do I get multiple copies of the book for my own purchase? You can order buy back of the book written by your child in lots of 50. For this we will need to know the quantity atleast a month in advance.


What are the costs? In order to keep the program asset light, the costs are divided into three ways and you can exit at any milestone. So you may be invited for the workshop and can choose to attend or not. After the workshop and assessment you may be invited for the Litrathon and you can choose whether to participate or not.


  • Application form         : Rs. 500
  • Two days workshop     : Rs. 4999(Agenda and session plan will be shared with invited participants)
  • Litrathon                     : Rs 2999(Agenda and Schedule will be shared with invited participants)

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