Importance of Parents

Written by Sapna

Parents are teachers, leaders, providers and protectors for their children. So why do we not understand their importance?

We have come across many cases wherein it is the children who are dissatisfied and unhappy living with their parents. Why is this happening?

We are unable to understand the love on every act of our parent. Our parents provide us everything we demand, they give us things which we do not demand too, they make sure that we are satisfied and comfortable in life. Parents hold a very high importance in every person’s life. Yet, many of us fail to understand this. Why don’t children have a better attitude towards their parents? A parent doesn’t deserve hatred. It is the ward of the parent who fails to sense the child in the parent who wants to keep us happy. We have come across a story, The Wooden Bowl, wherein the grandfather is given a wooden bowl by his son and daughter in law instead of a plate to eat and is prohibited to sit with the family on the dining table as he spills the food often due to his mature age and it is his son and his wife who clean the mess. The young child, that is, the grandchild is the one who teaches an unforgettable experience to his parents. He goes to the storeroom and creates a wooden bowl. When he is questioned by his parents regarding the reason of this act, they receive an astonishing reply from their son. Their son says that he was creating a wooden bowl for his parents as he would treat them in the same manner his grandfather is treated and will forbid them to sit on the dining table with the family. Ashamed, the parents apologize and invite the grandfather to eat with the family on the dining table every day. Now a days children are hot tempered and are irritated on very small reasons. Many children turn their own parents out of the house. This is a very bad practice and the number of old age homes is astonishingly increasing day by day. Children should be responsible, patient and should give love and respect to their parents as they deserve it.