Written by Sapna

Thinking of buying a parrot as a pet, I went to my father asking him whether he will allow a pet in the house or not. He said that having a pet is good, but he was not sure whether my grandmother would allow a pet in the house as she believes that every creature needs freedom. Still, when we asked her, she allowed us to bring a pet. I was ecstatic. Before buying, we decided to take ideas through experiences of people to learn how to handle a pet. I had a friend having a pet, so I decided to talk to her. She shared one of her own experiences. She had a talking parrot.

As she used to be in school all day, and her parents went to work, the parrot had no one to talk to and eventually, the parrot stopped talking. After a few weeks, it stopped eating. Within two months, the parrot had passed away. That’s when we came up with the idea of getting two parrots, a male and a female so that when they mate up and the female bird lays eggs, we have more birds. We finally decided to get the pets and started searching for good pet stores around, but we didn’t find any. We found a good shop after a long search. After a few days, my mother had some work in the same area as the pet shop. Fortunately, it was a weekend so we also went with her. Reaching there, we realized that we were in the same area as the shop. So, when my mother went to do her work, my father, my brother and I went to enquire about the birds. When we enquired whether is the Indian green parrot for sale, we were sorry to know that they had been banned in India because they were getting extinct rapidly.

The shopkeeper showed us the different breeds of birds and told us about them. One of them was some kinds of parrots, which were like the Indian green parrot but it was illegal to buy that one too. They said that it had 20-25% chances to talk if a word is repeated in front of it. There was another breed. These birds were small and bit very badly. Then, we saw a really beautiful breed of small parrots. They were coming in beautiful colors and we were enthralled by their magnificence. They were coming in attractive shades of blues, greens and white. We enquired more about them as we were interested in buying them. We were told that their bite is not too painful but it depends on their mood. They did not even consume too much food in a day and were easy to handle and great for people who were getting a pet for the first time. They could also be left in a room open with the doors, windows and fan closed. And, the best of all, they were coming at a reasonable price with a cage. However, there was only one disadvantage that if they flew away out of the window, they won’t be able to come back as they did not have that much capacity in their brain that they could remember from where they had come.

We decided to buy them the same day and when my mother’s work was over, we went and bought the birds! We got a male one in a pretty shade of blue and a female one in a shade of green. We also got a sweet and small orange cage with to sticks for perching and a cute little swing hanging in the cage. We got them home and my grandmother was overjoyed to see such beautiful birds. We started playing with them and in a few days, they had become so fond of us that they perched on our finger and allowed us to touch them. The female bird liked it a lot when we used to tickle on her cheeks. After a few days, we named them Kris and Krissie. But tragedies always follow happiness. After just a month, somehow, the female one flew out of the house when we were in school. Even though she was in her cage, we did not understand how she ran away. I had grown so fond of them that I started crying as soon as I came from school continuously for four hours.

We decided to go the next day and get another bird. We searched a shop and found one near a home. So, we went there and got a pure white bird of the same breed. We named her Snowflake as she was as white as snow. So that is how Snowflake came to live with us. However, both the birds had different behavior. Snowflake was a quite bird and sat on the swing all day. On the other hand, Kris was totally the opposite of Snowflake! He was a mischievous little rascal and jumped in the cage all the time. First, he would perch on the stick. Then, he would unexpectedly and speedily jump at the lowest area of the cage where the food is kept. He then goes and sits on the swing. He sits for a while and then climbs right on top of the swing. Then, he hands up-side down in the upper bars of the cage, using his legs. Then, he hangs on the bars at the side of the cage and then he does this thing again and again. Sometimes, he jumps into the water bowl, getting wet completely.

The best part of all, he loves coriander. When we insert a long stick of coriander, he and Snowflake, both try to eat it. We always divide the stick in two parts so that both of them eat it. But, the little devil is so crazy about coriander that he hurriedly eats up his part, pecks the other bird and gobbles up her share too. Sometimes, he also pulls the entire stick from our hands, puts it on the ground, and eats it up. Another cute habit he has is that when he is silently sitting on the stick (which is very rare) the quietly chitters to himself. I love my birds.