Welcome to TeenzClap. If you visit or use TeenzClap deems for you accepting these Terms & Conditions.

  1. To become a registered user you must signup and create an authentic account. The user is fully responsible and liable for the security of your registration details. You must notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of your account.
  2. You will be solely responsible for any issues arising from or related to your failure to keep your password secure.
  3. You must be in the age group of 12-19 years to be a member of TeenzClap.
  4. TeenzClapfacilitates the transaction between two users and the transaction liabilities are between the material owner and receiver. To put up relevant material for exchange or to donate, you can upload images of the same alongwith relevant details.
  5. All information whether images and content uploaded, is the sole responsibility of the users. We do not control the nature of content posted on TeenzClap however any repeat offenders will be barred from using the system and services. We do not guarantee the integrity or quality of information posted online by all the users. Any inappropriate content has to be flagged off in order to take administrative actions at our end.
  6. Under no circumstances will TeenzClapbe liable for any materials content/quality posted online, and stays indeminified from any loss or damage (in kind or mental agony) of any kind incurred as a result of the viewing or use of any materials posted and acquired by the users.
  7. Providing us with your contact details entitles us to share communications on the provided contact details not be limited to automated calls or text messages.
  8. Any disputes in transactions completion would be adequately addressed by TenzClap, to an extent the same is a reasonable demand from either the owner of the recipient.
  9. TeenzClap will take utlmost care of health safety and security of people attending the events organized by us. However the ultimate responsibility lies with the participants to be safe and secure. On site and in transit issues will not make TeenzClap liable for any reasons.
  10. Any dispute regarding points should be brought to notice of TeenzClap within 10 days of transaction, after which it becomes time barred.
  11. Incase stuff traded by you is not in reusable condition, the seller has to bear the cost of transit.