I realized that I can learn something new and enjoy too in Rubik's cube workshop . The trainer was very patient Me and my daughter feel  privileged to be part of Teenzclap and look forward to more

Shalaka S Shah, Pune

I liked Rubik's session very much. I find it very interesting. In the first session, i thought that I can't solve the cube but now I am able to solve it quickly.

Surjan Atre, Pune

I love the Rubik's cube workshop because I want to show everybody that I can do it. I liked this class very much.

Yuga shah, Pune

Rubik's cube always fascinated me and I always wanted to be a pro at it.Thanks to Teenzclap, now I am living my dream. I have cracked 3X3 cube and now i am wanting to crack other cubes too.

Yogit Gaitonde, Pune

My Daughter, Soumya thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions conducted by Teenzclap. Your lessons were very interesting and simple. You / Vivek Sir taught Soumya to crack the rubik cube very quickly which kept the spirits high & then went on to solve complex situations.

You encouraged her very much. Soumya even taught me to solve the cube.

Mayura Ramdasi, Pune

There are many out there who, on one hand are unable to express their emotions, while on the other hand expect others to understand them. So this somewhere leads to a certain disappointment within them. I was one of those. And what made me overcome or rather face such disappointment was my writing. Be it in the form of quotes or stories or poetries, I could express more which led to others respecting my point of view too.

Expressions, by TeenzClap, is a beautiful platform to bring together such writers and express their hearts out. I believe that expressing oneself could overcome any difficult in life. And only a platform like this, can create such opportunity!

Shivika Sharma, Pune